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Gone are the days when we could take anything and everything we use at home on a plane with us. I remember the days when we carried a whole case full of personal care products and snacks and you-name-it right on the plane with us. Those days are over. Now, we have the 3-1-1 rule. One 1-quart bag to hold all our liquids and gels and none of those containers can be larger than 3 ounces.

If you are a serious essential oils user, this can be a frustrating thing. You want all you healthy non-toxic personal care products. You want your healthy snacks. AND you want your essential oils! No, you’re not asking for the moon and stars, you just want your beloved oils and products!

I get that. I want to share two solutions with you and a tip.

The Bon Voyage Travel Kit is awesome! It’s a collection of commonly used personal care products, all in TSA approved sizes!  YEAH! Love this. Truly, you do need this!

Sample Bottles for your favorite oils. When I go on a long trip, I never know what I might need. Granted, I might only need a few drops, but I want to have all the oils I reach for often. The sample bottles I carry hold about 20-25 drops. I get the Young Living Bottle Labels and stick them on the sides of the bottles so I know what oil is in the bottle. I have been known to carry as many as 50 sample bottles on a trip! And guess what, they all fit in my quart bag along with my personal care containers! Sometimes I can even tuck an NingXia Red pack in the bag too!

And now for my tip: The oils don’t drop out of those sample bottles like they do the bigger bottles. So how do you get the oils to come out? This is golden! Take the cover off the sample bottle (leave the reducer in place) and hold the bottle between your thumb and middle finger. Just tap the bottom of the bottle with your index finger. Voila! A drop will SHOOT out of the reducer top into your other hand!

In my newsletter called Oils On The Go, you will find more ideas for using essential oils when you travel, including ideas for a travel first-aid kit.

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