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Men are from Mars… Or so they say!

My husband is the inspiration for today’s blog post. First, you need to know that he says he doesn’t like the smell of most essential oils. However, he is a researcher and is always sharing with me information that he finds about the benefits of essential oils.

He has two go-to essential oils: Oregano and Tea Tree. And he does like the Young Living Thieves Spray.

It’s no secret that women seem much more drawn to essential oils than men, but there are certain smells that men prefer over others.

For example, most men really LOVE Idaho Balsam Fir and other scents of the forest like spruce. What I find interesting is that Balsam Fir essential oil has properties that are very supportive to the male endocrine system. I wonder if there is an inner compelling need that draws them to that scent? Do some research and you may discover some things you never knew before!

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