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His & Hers Shutran Progessence


Essential oils are not just for women! Often people have the opinion that oils are just for the ladies or for massages. While it is true that women often enjoy pretty smells, and more women seem to get massages than men, I know a lot of men who are beginning to learn how valuable essential oils can be to our health and wellness.

For example, recently we dedicated an entire class to essential oils and supplements that are beneficial to men’s health. One of the oils we featured is Shutran. This is Young Living’s Signature Scent for MEN! It is designed to support men’s vitality and really help them let their masculinity shine. Women love how it smells on their men too!

Not to be neglected, Young Living also has a special oil blend for women called Progressence Plus. This product has been around for several years and I know a lot of ladies who really love how it helps them remain balanced in so many ways.

I encourage you to read up on Shutran and Progessence Plus, the “His and Hers” oils from Young Living. Then give them a try and let me know what you think of these exquisite products!


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