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Supporting your body with essential oils

For the past several weeks we have talked about a few basic things everyone should know before using essential oils. Now, let’s briefly look at 10 essential oils that are in my personal self-care kit and how they can be building blocks to support every part of the human body.

Muscle and Bone Support

PanAway – One of my favorites after exercise when my muscles are sore, or if I get a boo-boo that hurts! It has a safety cap, so that reminds you to use caution with small children.

Copaiba – Supports overall wellness, before and after a workout especially on moving parts. It has a very light aroma, so is especially nice to use in a gym.

Digestive Support

Peppermint Vitality – A great addition to your water. But remember it is very potent, so just one drop in a gallon of pure water is sufficient. If you have a gurgling tummy, take a drink of your peppermint water and then tap your cheeks. It’s amazing how good you feel after doing that!

DiGize — Is very supportive to the intestinal system. Rubbing a drop between the thighs or on the abdomen provides comfort if you eat too much and feel a little upset.

Respiratory Support

Thieves Vitality – A great dietary supplement to support overall wellness, particularly during times of the year when we need to enhance our respiratory system.

RC – Makes a wonderful partner to Thieves to provide respiratory comfort. Diffuse it to provide a comforting atmosphere, or rub it on the feet or chest for direct absorption into the body. Asthmetics should use it on the feet and not on the chest.

Immune Support

Lemon Vitality – This simple and lovely oil has so many benefits and uses, but one that is often overlooked is how it supports a healthy immune system by helping improve pH balance in the body. It is a great addition to water.

Purification – Breathing clean air is so important when thinking of staying healthy. Diffusing this oil is literally a breath of fresh air! Not only are you helping clean the environment, but imagine how it is purifying the inside of your body as you absorb it’s wonderful benefits.

Skin and Emotional Support

Lavender – Known for its benefits to promote relaxation, it can be a great addition to a soothing bedtime bath. The additional benefit is how supportive it is to the skin. There are hundreds of ways to use Lavender. These are just two ideas.

Frankincense – The “king” of all oils. It is very widely used in many skin care products and seems to magically support the appearance of the skin. You can also diffuse or breathe it in to promote grounding and purpose when you want to connect with God.

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