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Dust Allergies

Dust Mites be gone

Are you allergic to dust? Actually, if you are, you probably already know a lot about dust mites and their itty-bitty poop droppings, which are actually the problem! But did you know there is a natural and safe way to control and eliminate dust mites in your mattresses, carpet and furniture?

A 2014 study conducted in Thailand is very interesting. The researchers used a 2% solution of Clove essential oil in a 95% solution of ethyl alcohol. They concluded that Clove oil is “effective against all stages of live mites including mature and immature mites, larvae and egg stages when direct contact is made.”

Clove oil is a scent I enjoy. It is one of the ingredients in Thieves Spray. So I got to thinking that Thieves Spray would be a simple way to deal the death blow to those nasty mites!  So easy and safe, yet effective! Of course you could also make your own Dust Mite Spray with clove oil and alcohol. I prefer using grain alcohol like Vodka, because it is safer than rubbing alcohol.

So if you have a dust allergy, here are some ways to incorporate clove oil into your cleaning routine!

  • Try adding Thieves Household Cleaner to the washer when laundering bedding.
  • Dust with a solution of Thieves Household Cleaner instead of using commercial dusting products.
  • Clean your carpets with Thieves Household Cleaner.
  • Add clove oil to the carpet shampoo.
  • Spray your mattress once a week with a few sprays of Thieves Spray.
  • Diffuse Thieves or Clove oil in your home regularly.

Can you tell I love Thieves? Well, these are just a few ideas that come to mind. Perhaps you can think of others.


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