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What’s in your gym bag?

When January rolls around each year many people set goals to get into better shape, drop some extra weight, or in some way work to improve their overall wellness.

There are many products on the market to support these efforts. Some work. Some don’t. Some are safe. Some are not so safe. How do we know what products to select to support our goals for the new year?

For many years I have been using products from Young Living Essential Oils. One reason is because the company has proven to me repeatedly that they can be trusted. They go to great lengths to source ingredients that are safe and pure. A dedicated and highly qualified team of scientists researchs every ingredient to be sure each product exceeds set standards to provide products that support a healthy lifestyle.

This month I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite products that you can use with confidence in your personal fitness regimen. Click here to access my January newsletter: What’s in Your Gym Bag

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