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Young Living: So much more than essential oils

It seems like most people are drawn to Young Living Essential Oils company because of essential oils. They hear about essential oils, someone tells them about the number-one company, they might do some research and even buy some of those little bottles.

Then what? Maybe they fall in love or maybe the bottles get shoved in a closet or drawer and forgotten. I just spent the past several weeks writing about essential oils. Yes, they are amazing. Yes, they have done amazing things for me and a lot of my friends and family.

But did you know that Young Living has about 600 products, and the majority of those products are NOT essential oils? It’s true. Truth be known, it’s those “other” products that have changed my life for the good. This month let’s talk about some of those products.

Not long after I purchased my first bottles of essential oils, a new product was introduced. At that time it was called Berry Young Juice. Today it is called NingXia Red. I decided to give it a try. I loved the flavor and started to drink it daily for several months.

At the beginning, I thought I could feel a difference in my body. I just felt “better” – more energy. Then after a few months, I thought maybe it was all in my head so I stopped ordering it. Within a few days, I was dragging butt. I didn’t feel as good as I had been feeling. Needless to say, I started drinking it again and immediately could feel a positive shift in my body and energy.

A few years passed. I started to discover other products that Young Living sold. I compared some to similar products I had in my home, and the Young Living products just seemed to be better. I took some of the supplement bottles to show my doctor. He gave his nod of approval and reinforced my thoughts that these were good products. So slowly, as I ran out of various supplements, I would order my replacements from Young Living. I discovered they were much more potent and I could feel a significant difference. I later learned there was a lot of science and research behind these powerful Young Living supplements. They really did work better for me.

The big payoff was a couple of years ago when during a routine check-up my doctor commented that my immune system seemed very much stronger than it had been in the past. I was seeing him less often and that didn’t hurt my feelings a bit! I knew he was right.

I tell you this story to ask you to take a look around your home. Make a list of products you need to buy. Then check the Young Living website or catalog and you may be amazed at how many of the products  are ones that you could be buying from Young Living.

Now I can already hear you saying, “Oh, but they cost more. Why would I pay more?” Well, in reality, you are NOT paying more. What I discovered is that these products are so extremely concentrated, that they actually cost less.  For example, my hair conditioner bottle lasts 6 months! No joke! My laundry soap lasts 4 months. I can’t even remember the last time I purchased my all-purpose cleaner because I get it FREE. Doesn’t get any cheaper than that!

Today I told you about NingXia Red. It’s one of my non-negotiables. Over the next few weeks, I will tell you about a few of my other favorites. But in the meantime, why don’t you poke around my website and see what piques your interest. Then get ahold of me and find out whether I have used that product and what I can tell you about it. Did you know there are actually a few products I do not like? It’s true. And I will give you my honest opinion. Here’s the link to my website: — check it out and then let’s talk.


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