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Essential Oil Journey

Have you been dabbling in essential oils? Do you ever wonder what all the buzz is about? Which oils are best? What’s so special about these little bottles? Perhaps you found them at your health food store and gave them a try. They were nice, but you didn’t really see why people are so excited about them.

This month we will take a closer look at some basics about essential oils to help answer some of your questions and concerns. Before we do that, let me briefly share my story with you.

I was first introduced to a little bottle of essential oil called Valor back in 1999. It changed my life. I don’t know why or how or what it did for me, but I fell in love with that bottle.  When I used it before going to the chiropractor, I seemed to have a better treatment and the treatment seemed to “hold” better. I have no idea why. I just knew it helped! So I started looking at some other bottles. My wish list grew and so did my stash.

Now, being a bargain hunter, I did check out some other bottles I would find in stores. They never measured up to the ones I was getting from the company that I eventually grew to trust and love. I’ll talk about why that is another time. But today, let’s focus on what I like to call my “self-care” kit.

Yep, self-care. That ‘s what these oils do for me. They help me care for my body. Every part of my body. Safely. Easily. Enjoyably. And in ways I never imagined possible.

You see, I had studied herbs and natural health for many years before discovering essential oils. So when I started using oils, I discovered the knowledge I already had fit perfectly with essential oils.

I discovered the reason plants are so wonderful for our bodies is the secret tucked inside their cells. The essential oils. They are in the leaves, stems, bark, seeds, flowers, rinds, well most all parts of plants. And our bodies just seem to know what to do with them because they are natural when no chemicals are added to them.

There are different ways to get those oils out of the plants and into our bodies. But the most common way to extract the oils from the plants is through distillation. What separates out in that process is a very potent and volatile thing called essential oils. The essential oil is so concentrated and powerful, that in many cases, only one drop is needed to get the benefit that it may have taken substantially larger quantities of the living or dried plant to get.

They are so easy to use. You can just open the bottle and sniff! You can diffuse into the air. You can rub a drop on your skin, and in some cases, certain oils can even be used internally. We will talk more about that later too.

But for now, let’s start this journey together! Open that bottle. Take a sniff. But don’t put it right up by your nose. You might find it rather over-powering. Hold the bottle out at arm’s length. Slowly move the bottle toward you in a spiraling motion. It’s a fun experiment.  Notice if the scent changes. Notice what thoughts pop into your head. Notice how your body feels. Do you feel any different than you did before? Congratulations, you have just accidentally discovered some things about essential oils that you never knew before.  Your journey has started. Perhaps your life will change for the better, like mine did!

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