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I live in northern Minnesota, so my tan fades… that is if I get one at all with our short summers! I tend to burn easily and peal if I am out too long. Also, when I do go outside, often I am greeted by lots of little “annoyances” that make me want to take cover! BZZZZ!

So skin comfort is a big deal to me when I am outside.



Last week Young Living introduced three amazing products to enhance our outdoor experiences. These are Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Lavaderm After Sun Spray, and Insect Repellent. I will receive these products today and and so excited to try them.

All are totally safe, free of any harmful chemicals, and tested and proven to be effective. In fact, the insect repellent was tested against the leading brand and found to be more effective and without DEET!  It is EPA approved. The Sun products are classified as OTC (over the counter) medications and once again, completely free of any harmful chemicals! The After Sun Spray can be used to treat burns as well as sunburn. The Sunscreen provides protection from multiple types of UV rays and waterproof for up to 80 minutes. It provides protection for 10 hours in the sun.

Once again, Young Living Essential Oils has done the research and given us a product that is safe, effective, and one I am sure you will use and love!

If you want to learn more about them, please contact me, since these are brand new products and I will be testing them out in the coming days!

In my newsletter called Oils On The Go, I share some other suggestions for making your sun and fun time better. And you will also find some important tips about sun sensitivity when using essential oils.

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