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My personal care favorites

In the past few articles we have discussed some things to consider when caring for our skin. We talked about things like chemicals that can derail us in our health and beauty journey. We also looked at some essential oils that many women have found helpful to add a glow to their face.

If you think about it, Queen Esther soaked in Myrrh for six months and then other spices and oils were added to the regimen for another six months! REALLY? Yes, really! And the result was, she won the most famous beauty contest of all time!

Now I must admit that for many years I have been on a wellness journey that demanded I focus on internal health. So dedicating dollars to beautify my face and skin was a lower priority… Just being real here.

But ladies, there is nothing wrong with giving some attention to caring for our skin. After all, it is your body’s first line of defense. It is your largest organ and is as much as 15% or more of your total body weight.

Caring for your skin is important. So why not use the very best products available? Here is a very short list of my some of my favorite skin care products from Young Living Essential Oils. They are highly concentrated and therefore, very economical over the long road.  These are only a handful of the many awesome products available. You can visit my website and read my Women’s Personal Care newsletter to learn more, but this is a great place to start:

  • ART® Skin Care System (cleanser, moisturizer and toner)
  • ART® Renewal Serum
  • Sheerlumé™ Brightening Cream
  • Genesis Hand & Body Lotion
  • Rose Ointment
  • L Brianté™ Lip Gloss

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