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Looking beyond the label

Everyone knows that the things we put in and on our bodies have an impact on our health. The problem is, often we are clueless to know what we are consuming. If we resort to reading labels, we can quickly become discouraged by the big words we see in little very tiny print! I mean really… Like what exactly is Benzalkonium Chloride anyway? And does it even matter? And why is it such tiny print?

I have actually looked up some of these big words and it really depressed me. I found out that a lot of the common ingredients in personal care products could be causing all sorts of problems in my body. Cancer. Weight gain. Mood swings. Headaches. Digestive issues. Rashes, and more. But it seemed like certain ones that are proven to be harmful are in pretty much all these types of products.

And to add insult to injury, then I found out that because of “trade secrets” not all ingredients even have to be listed on the labels, or they can use vague terms like “fragrance” to hide the truth from you of what is in there.

So how do I know what really is in the bottle I am buying? There are a lot of lists out there of ingredients to avoid in our home and personal care products. I have included a partial list (along with some of the challenges these ingredients bring to our bodies) in my Women’s Personal Care newsletter, so just get your mitts on a copy and you will be amazed!

But I digress. This rude awakening about ingredients that could be creating problems in my body led me on a search for companies that provide “full disclosure” and that hold to the highest ethical standards and integrity.

I continually update my list of companies that I trust, but one company continues to hold the top position on my list. That is Young Living Essential Oils. I have been using their products for 18 years now and I just feel better and better all the time! Not only does Young Living offer essential oils, but their extensive product line includes powerful supplements, nutrition and food items, home and personal care products and more. It’s like one-stop shopping I can trust and quite economical in the long run. And trust me, I’m in this for a long run!

I challenge you to check out my newsletter and website and see what I discovered long ago. Then let’s have a conversation.

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