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Solving the health puzzle

For the next few weeks I intend to focus on women’s health and beauty in my writings. So in order to give you some background on why this topic is dear to my heart, let me take a few moments to tell you a little about myself and what led me to the place I am at today.

All my life I have wrestled with health challenges of various types. I have consulted with health professionals of all types. Sometimes I would be helped, but mostly I would actually experience major problems, some created by the treatments or medications I was receiving. Yet deep inside I held tight to the belief that there were answers someplace out there and so I continued to study and learn.

One bit if information would lead to another. As time passed, I came to believe that natural health held keys that I was looking for. And so for over 40 years I studied natural remedies and treatment methods. I learned about herbs. I learned about food. I learned about how the body is designed to function, and things that create problems for us in this journey.

I observed how I felt when I ate certain things or used certain products, and started to clean up my lifestyle. Eventually I could identify patterns and make changes that started to impact my body in positive ways.

No, I am not somebody special. I am just like you. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to look good. Yes, I fall off the wagon many times. But I have discovered that there are lots of people just like us; people who feel there is a better way and are looking for answers. I have made many friends along the way. I hope you will be one of those friends and join me this month as we explore the topic of women’s health and how it relates to skin care.

A great place to start would be to request a copy of my special newsletter that talks about women’s personal care products. Just send me an email and request the Women’s Personal Care newsletter. Let’s see what pieces to this wellness puzzle we can find together!

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