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Healthy Eating for Managing Your Weight


Making good food choices is the first step toward taking control of your health. But when you want to drop some pounds, what you put in your mouth becomes even more important.

The challenge is to give your body the nutrients it craves without adding empty calories. Fats and sugars are the big offenders most of us have difficulty controlling. Once we have become addicted to them, we crave them even more if we deprive ourselves of them.

One tip is to gradually reduce the portions you eat of those foods that feed your unhealthy cravings. And then at some point you might decide to totally eliminate certain foods for a period of time. For example, avoid deserts six out of seven days of the week. Or stop eating chips and junk foods for a month. After a month, you may discover these foods hold less control over you and you are more motivated by the results you see in the mirror.

Find healthy snacks to substitute for those empty calories. Young Living’s Slique® products were designed to empower you to manage your weight so you can have the vitality you need to live your best life. Young Living’s Slique Bars are a great choice to consider! They are delicious and high in fiber, so that helps you stay full longer!


Portion control also should spill over to the healthy food choices you are making. For example: Limit the amount of meat you consider a serving. Three ounces of lean meat is equivalent in size to a deck of cards. This would be an appropriate serving size if you are desiring to cut back on portion sizes.

During the past few weeks I have shared other ideas and products that may help you in this journey. you also may want to check out my recent newsletter dedicated to the topic of weight management.

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