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Successful Weight Management


Balance is the key to long-term success when you want to stay healthy. Binge eating and binge dieting are not a balanced approach. Trust me. I’ve done that! But how do you get off that roller coaster? For some of us, that is very difficult.

My guess is that often we starve ourselves and punish ourselves for eating too much or the wrong things. This sets us up for a cycle of failure. For years I observed my husband eating ever hour or two. He does not eat a lot. Even at Thanksgiving. I on the other hand, will have a hard time to push aside something I love to eat after a few bites or a small portion. Then I will go hours without eating. That practice is not healthy for my body, nor my metabolism. In fact, this practice is very damaging to the adrenal glands. Just saying!

Many professionals suggest a regimen where you eat three small meals with a small healthy snack between those meals. Here are a few tips for eating healthy:

  • Raw vegetables are your friend. Be sure to watch your caloric intake in your meals and snacks. It is important to have balance in your intake. Raw vegetables will increase your fiber and thus, help you feel full and satisfied longer.
  • Target lean muscle. You want to have higher protein selections, lower carbohydrates, and higher fiber content.
  • Increase metabolism. Your breakfast and snack choices are key to keeping your systems moving. A good rule of thumb is to eat like a king at breakfast, like a queen at lunch and a pauper for your evening meal. Sadly, most of us do the opposite.

It is also very important to involve your family.

  • Set some goals for your family’s health
  • Teach them about nutrition and healthful food choices by cooking together and eating meals together as often as possible.
  • Aim for decreasing sugar intake by 30 percent by preparing filling snacks and replacing dessert with a bowl of fruit.
  • Whatever your goals, focus on the good: good foods, good habits, and good choices.
  • Be a good example! If your family sees you making good, empowered choices, they will want to as well.

Prior to beginning any weight-management program, especially if you are taking medications, or if you have any health concerns be sure to talk to your health care practitioner.

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