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Eliminating toxic chemicals from your lifestyle

Do you ever wonder why it seems that cancer and other diseases are on the rise?  I have spent a great deal of time studying the connection between declining health and the chemical soup we subject ourselves to on a daily basis. It would be impossible to sum up what I have learned in just a few words, but I surely would encourage you to take a look at what chemicals may be adding to your personal toxic load. You might like to start here:

  • Air fresheners & candles
  • Shampoos and soaps
  • Lotions and other personal care items
  • Antiperspirants and toothpaste
  • Cleaning & laundry supplies

This is just a short list, but if you started reading the labels on all these items, and did a little research, I believe you would be shocked — maybe enough to make some changes.

The problem is where do you start? My recommendation is one bottle at a time! Start doing what I call bottle swapping. When a product you currently use is running low, replace it with a healthy alternative. That is what I did. It took a while, but it really did pay off.

Bottle Swapping

How do you know what is a good replacement? Who can you trust? For me the solution is to know your source. Know the company you are dealing with and the integrity of its products.

The company I have grown to trust over the years is Young Living Essential Oils. Did you know there are hundreds of products in their catalog and every single one is healthy and pure? You will find replacements for so many things that you already use on a daily basis. But the best part is you can be rewarded for your purchasing loyalty with the opportunity to get hundreds of dollars in free products that you select to match your family’s needs.

Curious enough to want to check it out? I would love to help you learn more about how to save money and start “bottle swapping” for your health! Please contact me for more information.


To learn more about how to purchase Young Living products, please visit my website and contact me.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information, products and/or techniques mentioned is provided for educational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with the health authorities of your choice. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Don’t expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements. The author assumes no responsibility to or liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use or misuse of any information provided here.


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