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Attitude adjustment

Have you ever felt like you had a bad attitude? It can really ruin a day. Your attitude can affect the course of your life. When my children used to get a bad attitude, I would tell them they needed an attitude adjustment!

But what do you do when you get stuck in a rut and can’t improve your attitude? Personally, I first look at my relationship with God. Destiny depends on this first and foremost. We are designed to have a personal relationship with our creator. Without this focus, we wander around feeling empty and always searching for our purpose in life.

I like to include essential oils in my times of communication with God. One that I especially enjoy is Sacred Frankincense. It really helps improve my spiritual awareness.

Now, when I need further help in my attitude adjustment, I like to turn to some of Young Living’s powerful blends. A few of my favorites include, Forgiveness, Harmony, Release, Motivation and Highest Potential. These are just a few of the wonderful fragrances available. What are some of your favorites?


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