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Fall is here prepare

Where I live, the fall colors are at their peak and folks are gathering the last of their garden produce. Thoughts turn to preparing for a long winter.

One thing I do is stock up on my bottles of NingXia Red before I have to worry about the bottles freezing in the sub-zero temperatures while in transit to my home. I double up on my NingXia orders in the late summer and fall and then order other items during the winter months.

NingXia Red is a very powerful antioxidant juice drink. It is packed with nutrition and is a mainstay in my personal wellness regimen. Click here to learn more about NingXia!

NingXia Starter Kit value

If you are not already a member, Young Living recently introduced a marvelous starter kit that features NingXia Red. If you join my team by ordering that kit, I will send you a free Essential Oils Pocket Reference book. Contact me for details and to Start Living the NingXia Way!


To learn more about how to purchase Young Living products, please visit my website and contact me.

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