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Bug off!

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Personally, I think most people never outgrow there love of digging in the dirt! Admittedly, most of us who grew up gardening may have gone through a period of time when it seemed like work to weed a garden. But for me, working in the garden is a time to reconnect with nature. I love to watch the butterflies and the birds and other wildlife going about their business without any worries. I love to feel the warm dirt between my toes and the sun warming my body.

There’s only one thing I don’t like about gardening and that is the mosquitoes! But my secret weapon of defense is Young Living’s essential oil blend of Purification. Actually Purification does double duty. It works as an insect repellent without introducing any toxic chemicals to my system. Plus, if I do happen to get a bite or two, a drop of Purification on the bite takes the itch, redness, and swelling away instantly!  It does the same for bee stings.  You might want to get some for yourself and give it a try!

Now if you really want to get adventurous, here is a recipe for insect repellent you also might like to try.


Where I live, it will still be a few weeks before gardening season gets into full swing, but I will be ready! You about you?

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