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Anger outbursts may increase risk of heart attack and stroke

Anger Issues

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Dr. Mercola recently shared thoughts about anger as it relates to heart attack and stroke.

  • When a person is angry, their risk of heart attack increases by nearly five-fold and their risk of stroke by more than three-fold in the two hours following an angry outburst (compared to when they are not angry)
  • The risk was even greater among those who had a history of heart problems or frequent episodes of anger
  • Intense emotions like anger trigger a cascade of physical reactions, including increases in stress hormones, heart rate, arterial tension, and blood pressure, prompting changes in blood flow that encourage blood clots and trigger inflammation
  • While negative emotions may harm your heart, a positive outlook has been linked to a one-third lower risk of cardiac events

Click here to read the article.

This past week I spent some time helping take care of my ailing mother. We have noticed one thing that really helps bring her out of a “funk” is Joy oil. Other oils that people have used to dispel feelings of anger and frustration also include Stress Away and Forgiveness. You might want to check these out for yourself!


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