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Proposed Changes to American Nutrition Labels


This weekend I was listening to a radio show where they were discussing some proposed changes to labeling required by food and supplement manufacturers. Some of the proposals are just downright frightening. Bottom line is that after these are implemented the next step will be to make more supplements unavailable without prescriptions from a medical doctor and as a result, take away our ability to be in control of our own health and wellness.

Let’s face it, most doctors receive very little training in nutrition.  One doctor says in 12 years of training in med school, only 30 minutes was devoted to the topic of nutrition. Yikes.  Don’t get me started!  But I digress.

Usually I try to give the “Cliffs Notes” version on a topic I have come across. But today, I feel compelled to ask you to carefully read a recent article written by Dr. Mercola; I mean the whole article! This article states the problem in a way I cannot. This is information you NEED TO KNOWClick here to read the article. But don’t forget to finish reading the rest of this post first!

I strongly encourage you to read the part about Folate very carefully. And put your thinking cap on when you do. You will be appalled. If you are not concerned after you read that article, you might want to start reading up on nutrition. Talk to someone whom you consider to be knowledgeable in natural health… maybe even a “health nut”! Maybe that person is a little too far out there for you, but they may broaden your horizons. You might be shocked at how fearfully and wonderfully your body is made, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how great you can feel when you feed your body what it needs and wants to be well!  Truly well.

I read constantly on topics concerning health and wellness. I can link you up with natural wellness professionals if you desire some help. Please take charge of your health starting today and let me know how you are doing!

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