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Risks of mouth breathing


Mouth breathing becomes necessary at times when the sinuses are blocked. But if you breathe through your mouth long enough that it becomes habit and normal for you, there may be some risks to your long term health. Dr. Mercola said in a recent article:  “Mouth breathing and resultant over-breathing elevates your blood pressure and heart rate and worsens asthma , allergies, rhinitis, sleep apnea, and deprives your heart, brain and other organs of optimal oxygenation.”

So the question is, what do you do when you can’t breathe through your nose and nothing your doctor has suggested has worked?

Granted,using an essential oil as a symptom reliever is not the final answer. There are many pieces to the puzzle, including diet and exercise.  Allergens are also a common factor. I am all about finding the root cause and solving that so the problem goes away permanently. But in the meantime you might want to consider these options that could help support healthy sinus passages…


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