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My Slique Transformation

February 2012


June 2012


When I started this journey of Transformation, I had no idea how much my life would change in four short months. I knew I would shed pounds and, I expected to see improvements in my health. I knew it was called a challenge for a reason! In reality, the weight loss was the easy part. Each day I was amazed as the pounds fell off. I was never hungry, and if I was, it was because I had been busy and forgotten to eat. I felt my body becoming stronger. Pain left my body; but I continued to wrestle chronic respiratory conditions that have dominated my life for years. However, what changed is that I fought the battle without prescription steroids that I had relied on so heavily in the past. Each day is a new adventure as I move toward total health!

A couple of weeks ago I became aware another transformation has taken place in my mind. One day as I tried to find clothes that fit me among the items I had purchased just two weeks earlier, everything was too big. I had already emptied my closet of my “fat” clothes, and now these “skinny” clothes had become “fat” clothes! What I previously considered normal sized clothes were now too big for me. That day I had many errands to run and when entering a building at one stop, a man held the door for me. When he looked at me, there was a different look on his face. He looked at me like a “normal” person and not a “fat” person. If you have ever been or are a fat person, you know that look. You become accustomed to it. It becomes part of your selfperception. I cannot describe to you the transformation that happened in my mind at that instant when I realized that I no longer was a fat woman!

In four months I lost 41 pounds (from Feb 1 to May 31), and am four sizes smaller! My life has been transformed in ways I never imagined. Thank you, Young Living, for helping me transform to the new me!


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