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Cleaning doesn’t have to be a dirty word!

It’s been mighty cold where I live the past few weeks. When you are all cooped up and don’t want to go out, you might find some extra time to do some deep cleaning.  OK, well that isn’t my idea of having fun, but there sure is a good feeling that you get when you have cleared clutter and everything is clean and organized!

I especially like using essential oils when I clean. Everything smells to fresh and I know there is a lot of germ-killing power in the oils too! I’m not a scientist, but as one friend says, I just know they work!

I ran across a few recipes for cleaning with essential oils you might enjoy trying…

*All-purpose Cleaner – by Louise Gruenberg

15 drops of Eucalyptus oil
15 drops of lemon oil
¼ cup of white vinegar
½ teaspoon of washing soda
Fill spray bottle with water

*Grapefruit Abrasive Cleaner – by Sandy Maine
50 drops of grapefruit oil
1 cup fine grade pumice
½ cup clay powder
¼ cup baking soda
½ cup boiling water for paste

*Creamy Cleaner – by Kim Erickson
10 drops of lemon oil
¼ cup washing soda
Castile soap liquid
paste consistency

*Recipes via: Gruenberg, Louise. “Make Your Kitchen Sparkle.” Herb Companion. Sept. 2012. 61-62.

Finally, my all-time favorite for cleaning EVERYTHING!

The above information was found at Bioscentsible

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