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Hidden Viral Gene in GMO crops

There is a lot of controversy surrounding GMO crops. People are becoming aware of the term GMO, but sadly, most don’t really understand the dangers. They also think the government would not allow something dangerous to continue on the market.

But recently a study has identified a genetic sequence in commercial GMOs that encodes a significant fragment of a viral gene called Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) (AKA Gene VI). Gene VI affects RNA sequencing. It interferes with plant’s ability to resist disease.

Cauliflower Mosaic Virus

Cauliflower mosaic virus

This is of significant concern to people because the targets of Gene VI in plants are also found in humans. This certainly raises a lot of red flags in my mind. Could GMO “food” be contributing to what seems to be an increase in people being susceptible to more illness? Makes me wonder!

Also, makes me thankful that Young Living Essential Oils is extremely vigilant in being sure of the source of all seeds used to grow the plants that are used to produce their essential oils. Gives new meaning to the thought “know the source” in my mind!

You can read more about this Gene VI at these links:


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