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Pediatric Dental Anxiety Alleviated by Orange Essential Oil

Dental fear and anxiety cause many adults to neglect their oral health by avoiding trips to the dentist. If adults suffer that much from these fears, just think how intimidating the sound of a drill can be for a child.

Three Iranian researchers at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Torabinezad Dental Research Center wrote in a 2013 study, “There are anxiety-provoking factors in a dental setting, such as the sights (needles), sounds (drilling), smells (cut dentine [a tooth component], eugenol), and sensation (high frequency vibration).”

The researchers have reviewed 42 studies that discuss aromatherapy in relation to dentistry such as “Effects of psychological state on pain perception in the dental environment” and “Dental anxiety in children and its relationship to dental caries and gingival condition.”

The authors of this study investigated the essential oil preferences of children. They reported that children are very different from adults in their odors and taste preferences and they are likely to use essential oils they find pleasant.”

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It seems that the use of aromatherapy with natural essential oil of orange could reduce salivary cortisol and pulse rate due to child anxiety state.

Here is the link to the study:

Effect of aromatherapy with orange essential oil on salivary cortisol and pulse rate in children during dental treatment: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Special thanks to Airase for providing access to this interesting research.


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