Travel Tips

I am happy to report everyone is back home safely.  Well, Carrie stopped to visit her daughter on the way home and will be back tomorrow.  We are all VERY exhausted.  Today I am trying to regroup and get caught up after being away for a week.  One of the benefits of “rooming” with a group of other ladies was being able to share travel tips.  So I thought I would share just a few fantastic tips for traveling with your YL oils and products.

Did you know that the nice heavy duty zipper bag that the Aroma Glide rollers come in will fit 24 sample oil bottles?  It is a great way to keep them organized and it will slide into our quart bag the TSA requires for your liquids and gels when flying.  If you are not flying, the metal tin that holds the Thieves Soft Lozenges will hold 9 sample bottles.  The only problem with that is that since it is metal, the TSA doesn’t like it because they cannot see what is in the metal box.  However, it makes a cute little traveling first aid kit for the Everyday Oils, the Raindrop oils or just your favorites!


Emptied 15ml and 5ml oil bottles work well for taking a small supply of V-6 or massage oils. I like to slip them into a small craft bag (I get mine at Wal-Mart in the craft beading area), so that if they leak a little with the altitude pressure changes when flying that it doesn’t mess up everything else.  I also use the craft bags for my supplements for each day.  You can label them with masking tape so you can keep track if you took your supplements each day!  Using the bags is nice because it saves room on the trip home since you can discard the bag once you take your supplements each day.



Above shows different options for labeling your sample bottles.  You can print out on a piece of paper and trim it and tape it on the bottle.  You can use the YL bottle labels (old or new both fit). And my newest idea was to take empty bottles of my favorite oils, peal off the label from the bottle, trim it to size to fit the sample bottle, and tape it on the bottle securely.  You can toss those empty bottles that no longer have a label into a warm bath to get the last little precious benefits after you have finished packing!

Carrie shared a tip about how to get the oils to come out of the sample bottles when the reducer is on the bottle.  BTW… you must have the reducer on the sample bottles after they are filled or they leak all over the place!!!  Anyway, just turn the bottle upside down and tap the bottom with your index finger and a drop shoots out into your other hand!  For years, I was frustrated trying to get the drops out, so thanks Carrie for the lesson in how to use those tiny bottles!

The final tip is from my sister… Get a contact case.  They are labeled left and right.  However, they also are white and black or blue.  So put your ART AM Moisturizer in the white side and your ART Night reconstructor in the dark side.  She counted the squirts as she put the cream into the cases and said they held enough for just over a week!  Great idea!  And so intuitive for the day and night thing!  Thanks Donna


Almost forgot… The Thieves Waterless Hand Cleaner bottles are great for shampoo, soap and other liquids of a small amount that you want to take along.

At the Product Expo I was told that YL is considering some travel size “samples” so I encourage you to email customer service and ask for travel size of the toothpaste and other products you would like to be able to purchase sample sizes in.  Coming in July we will be able to purchase samples of a few of the most popular oils!  Watch for those ! (sorry the photo is not clear)Image


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