Coming out of the woods


Today was travel day. All seven of us arrived safely in Salt Lake City.  We settled in to the condo and went grocery shopping.  Our inside joke of the day was when Betsy discovered the new high-tech vending machines and said she has been in the woods too long!  This became the theme of the day as we explored our new digs, and went shopping.  Learning to navigate on foot was a bit challenging for a few in the group.  A “two block” walk in search of beverages turned into about a three mile hike.  Fortunately, after a phone call everyone arrived back “home” safely but too tired to follow through with the planned grilled salmon on the roof patio.  So that will be a treat saved for later in the week.  Now it is time to get some much needed rest.  Following are a few choice shots from the day’s adventures.

Coming out of the woods

 Hi-tech vending

Power walking in the Minneapolis airport

Power walking the MSP airport

Our Condo

Our condo


Roof top patio

Roof-top patio

View of the Salt Palace from our Condo

City view

Checking workshop options 

Reviewing workshop choices


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